Carbon Offsetting

Aerovest offers our clients the option to get started on their journey to carbon neutrality through one of our partners.

carbon offset with world kinect

Powering A Sustainable Future

Through one of our brokering platforms, Aerovest is proud to be able to offer our clients the ability to make their trips carbon neutral by using carbon offsets for all of their flights. Perfect for companies who need to make their journeys carbon neutral.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset represents one ton of greenhouse gas emissions that has been avoided or reduced in the atmosphere. Aerovest offers our clients the option of purchasing carbon offsets allowing companies to compensate for their residual carbon footprint by supporting projects worldwide that reduce carbon emissions.

carbon neutral

Why carbon offsets?

Aerovest can help all of our corporate clients looking to meet their ESG targets the ability to reduce their private jet travel emissions. Carbon offsets are a bridging mechanism that enables companies to offset current emissions while pursuing ways to reduce emissions. The supply of sustainable fuel is limited and not geographically distributed. Carbon offsetting can help your company achieve its sustainability goals immediately.

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