Private Jet Empty Leg Flights

A private jet empty leg flight is a where a private jet is flying without passengers. This happens often in the private jet world when a jet drops off passengers at their destination and needs to return home or go elsewhere for another charter. This leg of the flight is called an empty leg.

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What Is An Empty Leg Flight?

A private jet empty leg flight is when a private jet is flying without passengers. This happens often in the private jet world when a jet drops off passengers at their destination and needs to return home or go elsewhere for another charter. Most one-way flights that are booked will have an empty leg that becomes available for the return journey.

Empty Leg Flights are very popular with clients who want to travel with short notice for leisure trips and who are flexible on their departure location and destinations. An empty leg is the best value private jet charter available, you will often save 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter.

empty leg flights

What are the benefits of an empty leg flight?

Empty leg flights offer great discounts on private jet charters. Because of their pre-determined departure and arrival destinations, empty leg seats are a cost-effective way to book private jet travel with most travellers saving approximately 75% of the cost when compared to a regular private jet hire price.

There are many one-way private jet charters so typically, there are also many empty legs available at any given time from airports all around the world.

What do I need to look out for when booking an empty leg flight?

Empty leg flights are a fantastic way to fly on private aircraft or private jets and it is the most cost-effective way to travel in style, luxury and comfort. Empty leg flights will be scheduled around the client who is paying for the full price chartering the private jet for their leg, therefore empty leg flights actually benefit from having exact departure and arrival destinations and timings. These scheduled dates and times eliminate the spontaneous nature of private jet travel that most clients are used to or, require as part of their lifestyle.

If it is essential that you need to be in a certain place at a certain time for a meeting or an appointment, it is possible that an empty leg flight might not be for you and you would benefit more from booking a private charter. As you will be paying a significantly reduced rate for the private aircraft, the empty leg jet will be flying in from another destination before you board, therefore your flight times will actually depend on when the aircraft lands, is fuelled, flight plans filed and is ready to depart again.

Flexibility is essential when you are booking an empty leg flight. This is because the timings of the flight are dictated by the original customer’s flight requirements so the actual final departure times might not be available to you until just before your empty leg private jet is due to depart. It is possible that with empty leg flights, your flight may be cancelled if the original customer decides to cancel their private jet flight which will leave you having to make last-minute travel arrangements. If you are a passenger where precise timings are of huge importance when booking a private charter flight, then empty leg flights might not be for you.

It is worth keeping in mind that you will need to make arrangements for your return journey as all empty leg flights are one-way flights. You can rarely arrange empty leg private jets for both parts of your journey but, it is possible on popular routes as long as you are completely flexible. Our team at Aerovest can help you find suitable options that work for you.

By using our empty leg flight search tool above, you can select your departure and arrival destinations, date of travel and preferred timings. Our specialist tool will then search through all of our booked flights and will identify the flights that are the closest match to your original requirements. This can sometimes be the exact match for your search but most often it will be a different time or, even perhaps a different departure airport to the one you selected. If you see an empty leg journey that matches your preferred journey timeframe but not with your exact required destination, then do get in touch with a member of the Aerovest team as it is sometimes possible to re-route the empty leg flight plan and you would simply pay the difference, so it is definitely worth asking the question so don’t be afraid to contact us. Our team are also available 24/7 via WhatsApp, which is quickly becoming our client’s preferred method of contact.

When are empty leg flights a good option?

Empty leg flights are perfect for travellers wishing to fly by private jet but are not quite prepared to pay the price of a regular private jet charter. Providing that you can be flexible with your travel destination and departure location, an empty leg flight just might be the best way for you and your guests to travel in a private jet.

When travelling by private jet on an empty leg flight, you will receive all of the regular benefits just like any ordinary private jet charter.

How much does an empty leg flight cost with Aerovest?

The cost of empty legs differ significantly depending on the departure location, destination, aircraft type and other travel requirements. The destination and the length of flying time are the main causes that change the cost significantly. Every empty leg offered by our operators is completely different and therefore the price is reflected accordingly.

How do I book an empty leg flight?

Aerovest offers all of it’s clients the ability to search our internal database containing a list of empty leg flights from all of our partner operators. Simply use the empty leg search form above to check out all of our empty legs and submit an enquiry in the usual way.

We recommend that you select a departure and arrival destination and our booking engine will automatically sort the flights available nearest to those destinations.

How do you find empty legs on private flights?

The Aerovest empty leg tool which can be found at the top of this page is specifically designed to locate private flights with empty leg availability, giving customers access to discounted rates on these flights.

By entering your desired departure and arrival locations, the tool will search for available empty leg flights that match your requirements. This offers a convenient and economical way to take advantage of private jet travel. Make sure to explore the tool above to find the best deals on empty leg private flights!

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