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Very Light Jets for Private Jet Travel

A Very Light Jet (VLJ) lies in the category of Business Jets. Very Light Jets can offer seating arrangements of four to five people and are known to be the lightest business jets in the aviation market. Unlike other aeroplanes, Very Light Jets do not require a dual pilot operation, rather a single pilot is enough to fly the aircraft sound and safely. The concept of these aircraft started in the 1950s but the production remained dull, however, due to the overwhelming response and interest shown by the general public in the early 2000s, this sector expanded significantly.  

Entry-level jets, personal jets, or microjets – all are the name of VLJ’s. Operating these jets is cheaper than conventional jets this is the reason why most private aeroplanes in the world are Very Light Jets. It gives the owner freedom to land at airports where airlines do not operate for any reason. Another important thing to note is that they do not require long runways to take off and land neither they need airport facilities like air bridges and food and lavatory servicing carts. Very Light Jets can operate from runways as long as 3000 feet (910 m), and some of the latest jets even much smaller runways can be used, allowing our charter guests to get even close to their final destination.

Cessna Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500 and 550, Embraer Phenom 100, Cessna Citation Jet/M2, Honda HA-420, and Cirrus Vision SF50 are some of the most successful and most popular aircraft in the Very Light Jet category. Very light jets offer our charter clients great savings as the amount of fuel and crew required are much less than the average private jet.

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