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private jet to qatar world cup 2022

Private Jet to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022

After England’s amazing performance at its first game yesterday in the World Cup 2022, it’s no wonder so many people have started to book all of the commercial flights to Qatar for the upcoming England games. With the majority of commercial flights now full, there has been a rise in the number of Private Jet to Qatar requests that are being booked.

A private jet to Qatar could be the perfect option for a group of friends wishing to travel to Qatar for the World Cup. Forget the queues at the airports and the extortionate rates that airlines are charging, simply pool a group of friends’ money together and travel in style in the luxury and privacy that a private jet can offer.

If you are struggling to get to Qatar from London, or just about anywhere around the world, then you must consider the option of travelling by private jet. With access to over 30,000+ private jets across the globe, Aerovest can help find you the right private jet for your trip to see England play in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is the first World Cup to be hosted in the Arab world and also the first one ever to be held outside of the traditional May to July summer season and for good reason, it would simply be too hot in Qatar for the players not acclimatised to the dessert-like conditions. Qatar is the smallest country ever to host the finals in the FIFA World Cup, creating fantastic new opportunities but also presenting many challenges too.

By taking advantage of groups of fans chartering a flight to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the fans will have the comfort of skipping crowded airport terminals, with added privacy, safety and security with the option to have bespoke first-class meals onboard and the best top-shelf drinks to start your trip off in style. Chartering a private jet to Qatar as a group can be a very cost-effective and convenient way to travel at a time that suits your group and without the strict restrictions of traditional scheduled commercial flights.

To check out the latest FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fixtures, simply click here.

We are exclusively offering a 5% discount for anybody travelling to Qatar from the UK via private jet for the England matches. Simply show us evidence that you have a ticket to the World Cup England match and we will be able to offer you a 5% discount on our quoted pricing.

Use our instant quote tool on our website to look at our average costs to travel by private jet to Qatar, or even better, simply send us a request online or click the WhatsApp button on the bottom right and we will be very happy to help you with your request.

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