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pilatus pc12 turbine aircraft

Turbine Aeroplanes for Air Taxi Charters

You might have come across the term “Turbine Aeroplane” but do not know what this actually is. Well, not a problem! In this article, we are going to shed some light on Turbine Aeroplanes, their important facts and, related information you need to know before boarding your next flight on a Turbine Aeroplane!

A turbine is a mechanical device that rotates continuously to extract energy from a working fluid to produce useful work. It can produce electricity for a plant when combined with a generator or in our case – thrust – to propel the aircraft.

In all types of turbines, air remains the same working fluid, which is compressed, ignited and, exhausted to produce thrust. However, there are some significant design changes in every type, which make them different from each other and useful for a particular category of aircraft.

Turbojet engines were used in older aircraft but nowadays only fighter aircraft use these engines as they are not fuel-efficient but offer great speed. In commercial aviation, airlines do not want to spend money on fuel that’s why they need fuel-efficient aircraft at the cost of low airspeeds. Therefore, you will find turbofan engines on all commercial airliners, no matter who their manufacturers are. Turboprop engines incorporate propeller(s) in the front area of the engine, hence named Turbo-prop. Examples of turboprop aeroplanes include Cessna C425 Corsair, Piper Meridian, Pilatus PC-12, Beech BE90 King Air and the famous ATR 42/72. In Turboshaft engines, a shaft is connected with the main body instead of a propeller. Auxiliary Power Units (small standby engines) and Helicopters are the perfect examples of Turboprop Aircraft.

Aerovest has access to a fleet of Turbine aircraft, both single and twin-engine models. These can be a more cost-effective solution for private travel when compared to private jet engines. So next time you head to your dream destination, consider the cost saving whilst adding only a small amount of time on to your flight time!

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