Fractional Ownership

Aerovest offers its clients a shared ownership programme giving you guaranteed access to a large fleet of Pilatus PC-12 & PC-24 aircraft in Europe.

Fractional Ownership

Aerovest offers all the advantages of having your own aircraft without having to take on the full cost of ownership. As an owner, we provide our exclusive services and give you access to our entire fleet.

Zero Hassle

We remove all of the hassles that aircraft ownership brings by taking care of flight planning, catering, flight crew, aircraft maintenance and limousine transfers etc. without taking on the full cost risk.

Fractional Aircraft Ownership
Access 3x More Airfields

Owning a share of a Pilatus PC-12 provides you with unrivalled aircraft performance giving you the ability to land at three times as many runways including international airports as well as smaller local airfields and grass strips.

Luxury and comfort

The Pilatus PC-12 is an advanced tubroprop business aircraft which is among the most popular and safest in the world. Offering an outstanding level of comfort and luxury, the spacious cabin and oversized cargo door also offers enough space for luggage such as skis, golf bags and even bicycles.

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