Airports Near St Anton Options For Alpine Adventure

Airports Near St. Anton: Options for Alpine Adventure

Are you ready for an alpine adventure in the stunning resort town of St. Anton? If so, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to get there and the nearest airports to consider. In this article, we’ll explore the various transportation options, including flights, trains, and car rentals, to help you plan your journey to this picturesque destination in the Austrian Alps. We’ll also provide valuable tips for travelling to St. Anton, ensuring that your visit is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. So, let’s dive into the essential details of getting to St. Anton and make your upcoming trip a memorable experience from the very start.

Why Visit St. Anton?

St. Anton is a picturesque alpine destination renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, world-class skiing, and unparalleled winter sports experiences that attract travellers seeking an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps.

The charming village boasts a unique blend of Austrian charm and modern amenities, offering a wide range of accommodation to suit every traveller’s preferences. The vast ski area with over 300 kilometres of slopes caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels, while the off-piste terrain beckons thrill-seekers. The Arlberg region’s snow reliability and long skiing season make it a magnet for winter enthusiasts.

The alluring apres-ski scene and exquisite local cuisine add to the overall appeal of this enchanting destination.

How to get to St. Anton

Getting to St. Anton is a seamless process with multiple convenient transport options, including flights, train journeys and car hire, ensuring easy access for travellers eager to embark on a memorable winter holiday and mountain adventure.

Flight options are plentiful, with Innsbruck Airport being the closest major international airport, just a 1.5-hour drive away. Airport transfers from Innsbruck to St. Anton are efficient, and there are also options for transfers from Zurich and Munich airports.

The scenic train services provide an excellent alternative, offering connections from various major cities to St. Anton. For those preferring flexibility, car hire is easily available, allowing visitors to explore the breathtaking Tyrolean landscapes at their own pace.

By Plane

Travelling to St. Anton by plane offers the convenience of accessing international airports, seamless flight connections, and efficient airport transfers, making it an ideal choice for visitors planning a memorable ski holiday in the heart of the Alps.

Air travel to St. Anton not only saves precious time but also provides a stress-free journey, allowing travellers to quickly reach their destination and maximise their time on the slopes. With major airlines offering frequent flights to nearby airports, visitors can easily find convenient schedules that fit their travel plans.

The availability of reliable airport transfer services ensures a smooth transition from the airport to the picturesque resort, allowing guests to start their holiday with ease and comfort.

By Train

Embarking on a train journey to St. Anton presents an enchanting travel experience, offering travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the scenic winter landscapes while en route to their mountain adventure and winter retreat in this captivating destination.

The gentle sway of the train carriages provides a soothing backdrop as you gaze out upon snow-capped mountains, charming alpine villages, and frozen rivers that sparkle in the sunlight. The convenience of train travel allows for effortless relaxation, with spacious seating and the freedom to move around and stretch your legs. This mode of travel perfectly complements the serene atmosphere of a winter vacation, setting the stage for a memorable and leisurely journey to St. Anton’s snowy wonderland.

By Car

Opting for a road trip to St. Anton through car hire services offers travellers the freedom to explore at their own pace, immersing themselves in the allure of skiing holidays and winter holiday spots while venturing towards the captivating mountain resorts for a rejuvenating winter break.

The allure of a road trip to St. Anton lies in the flexibility it provides, allowing travellers to soak up the stunning Alpine scenery and make spontaneous stops to appreciate the breathtaking views. With the convenience of car hire services, visitors can tailor their journey to suit their preferences, whether it’s discovering quaint villages nestled amidst the mountains or embarking on exhilarating winter sports activities.

The sense of independence and adventure that comes with driving through the snow-capped landscapes adds an element of excitement to the overall experience, making it a well-rounded exploration of this picturesque region.

What Are the Nearest Airports to St. Anton?

St. Anton is conveniently accessible from several international airports, including Innsbruck Airport, Friedrichshafen Airport, Zurich Airport, and Munich Airport, providing convenient travel gateways for visitors to embark on their alpine adventure and winter escape to this enchanting destination.

Innsbruck Airport, located approximately 100 kilometres away, offers modern facilities and services, making it an excellent choice for travellers. Friedrichshafen Airport, situated around 130 kilometres from St. Anton, provides a convenient option for visitors coming from Germany or Switzerland.

Zurich Airport, about 200 kilometres away, boasts a wide range of amenities, including shopping and dining options. Munich Airport, approximately 300 kilometres from St. Anton, is well-connected and offers various transportation links for seamless travel experiences.

Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport serves as a pivotal travel hub for visitors heading to St. Anton, offering convenient access to nearby cities, complemented by essential airport amenities, making it an ideal starting point for an immersive winter holiday and captivating skiing experiences in the region.

The airport’s strategic location allows for easy connections to iconic alpine destinations like Seefeld and Kitzbühel, enhancing the appeal for travellers seeking diverse winter adventures. The well-equipped facilities, including comfortable lounges and efficient ground transportation services, ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

With its breathtaking mountain backdrop and close proximity to renowned ski resorts, Innsbruck Airport sets the stage for an unforgettable alpine getaway amplified by the region’s rich cultural offerings and charming local cuisine.

Friedrichshafen Airport

Friedrichshafen Airport serves as an excellent arrival point for travellers en route to St. Anton, offering efficient airport transfer options, logistical convenience and access to remarkable skiing holiday experiences and captivating attractions, setting the stage for a memorable winter vacation.

With its strategic location, Friedrichshafen Airport provides seamless connectivity to St. Anton, allowing travellers to easily transition from the airport to the ski resorts. The well-organised airport transfer services ensure a hassle-free journey, so visitors can quickly immerse themselves in the breathtaking alpine scenery and exhilarating winter sports. The proximity to captivating attractions such as Lake Constance adds a delightful dimension to the travel experience, making Friedrichshafen Airport an ideal starting point for an unforgettable winter getaway.

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport offers seamless flight connections and essential amenities for travellers journeying to St. Anton, providing valuable travel insights and tips, making it an ideal gateway to embark on a thrilling ski holiday and enriching winter holiday experiences in this captivating travel destination.

The airport’s strategic location and efficient transport links also make it a convenient choice for those seeking hassle-free travel. The modern infrastructure and comprehensive services cater to the specific needs of winter sports enthusiasts, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to the spectacular slopes of St. Anton.

With well-equipped lounges, duty-free shopping, and gourmet dining options, Zurich Airport sets the tone for an enjoyable and indulgent prelude to the excitement awaiting travellers in this picturesque alpine paradise.

Munich Airport

Munich Airport stands as a prominent travel hub for visitors embarking on an enriching ski experience and immersive winter travel guide to St. Anton, offering essential airport facilities, valuable travel advice, and travel recommendations for discovering the captivating winter destinations in the surrounding area.

The airport’s world-class amenities cater to the needs of winter travellers, with convenient ski equipment rental services, duty-free shops stocking cold-weather essentials, and a variety of dining options ranging from cosy cafes to fine dining restaurants.

Visitors seeking outdoor adventures will find endless possibilities for exhilarating ski excursions, snowboarding escapades, and picturesque treks among the breathtaking alpine scenery just a short journey away from the airport.

Munich Airport serves as the ideal starting point for those wishing to embrace the charm and thrill of these winter wonderlands.

What transportation options are available from these airports to St. Anton?

Travellers arriving at the designated airports enjoy a range of transportation options to seamlessly reach St. Anton, including shuttle bus services, private transfer arrangements, train connections, and car hire facilities, ensuring a smooth transition to their mountain resorts, winter holiday, or ski trip in this captivating destination.

Shuttle bus services offer a cost-effective and convenient mode of transport, with regular schedules directly linking the airport to St. Anton. For those seeking a more personalised experience, private transfer arrangements present a comfortable and efficient option, providing door-to-door service. Train connections extend another accessible choice, with scenic routes and a stress-free journey.

Car hire facilities cater to travellers preferring the flexibility and independence of driving to their destination, adding further convenience and choice to their travel plans.

Shuttle Bus

Using shuttle bus services from the airports to St. Anton offers a convenient and efficient way of airport transfers, ensuring smooth access to captivating skiing destinations, enchanting winter holiday spots, and essential transportation services to explore the region’s tourist attractions and winter travel destinations.

These shuttle buses offer a stress-free way to reach your chosen ski resort, eliminating the need for navigating unfamiliar roads or dealing with parking problems. The frequent and reliable schedules of shuttle services ensure that travellers can promptly depart for their desired attractions and activities, enhancing their overall experience.

With the convenience of hassle-free transportation, visitors can fully enjoy the pleasures of skiing, winter holidays, and exploring the picturesque St. Anton region.

Private Transfer

Opting for private transfer arrangements from the airports to St. Anton provides travellers with personalised and efficient travel solutions, catering to their winter sports aspirations, captivating travel destination experiences, and seamless access to ski resorts for a rejuvenating winter holiday and mountain adventure.

This tailored approach ensures that travellers can arrive at their desired destinations comfortably and without delays, allowing them to make the most of their time in the stunning Alpine surroundings. Whether it’s a family seeking a hassle-free journey or a group of friends eager to explore the slopes, private transfers offer a seamless and convenient way to access the enchanting winter wonderland of St. Anton.

By prioritising comfort and convenience, travellers can enjoy a stress-free journey to their ultimate alpine retreat, making the entire travel experience as enchanting as the destination itself.


Embarking on a train journey from the airports to St. Anton offers travellers an enchanting means of transportation, complemented by essential airport services, captivating sightseeing opportunities, and the prospect of experiencing a fulfilling winter getaway and captivating skiing holidays in the region.

This mode of travel allows passengers to unwind and absorb the picturesque scenery as they glide through snow-capped landscapes and charming alpine villages. The convenience of airport services ensures a seamless transition from air travel to the enchanting train experience.

Along the way, travellers can marvel at the stunning beauty of the Austrian Alps, setting the stage for an unforgettable winter retreat. As the train chugs along, anticipation builds for the thrilling skiing adventures that await, making every moment of the journey a delightful part of the holiday experience.

Car Rental

Opting for car hire services from the airports to St. Anton provides travellers with flexibility and autonomy, ensuring a seamless transition to their ski holiday, enriching airport guide insights, and the opportunity to explore captivating winter travel destinations, and indulge in remarkable mountain adventure and skiing experiences.

The convenience of having a hire car allows visitors to bypass the constraints of fixed shuttle schedules and public transport, granting them the freedom to explore the snowy landscapes and picturesque villages at their own pace. This flexibility also enables travellers to uncover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track attractions, adding a layer of spontaneity to their winter escapade. With the added benefit of being able to swiftly respond to changing weather conditions, car hires become an invaluable asset for an unforgettable and personalised ski holiday.

Tips for Traveling to St. Anton

Travelling to St. Anton is an enriching experience, and to ensure a seamless journey, it’s beneficial to heed essential travel tips, advice, and insights that will enhance the overall winter travel experience, enabling visitors to explore captivating skiing destinations, holiday spots, and discover the essential travel essentials to enrich their holiday inspiration and winter holidays.

By preparing adequately for the winter climate, such as packing appropriate clothing layers, thermals, and waterproof gear, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the stunning snow-covered landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities. It’s also crucial to plan for any potential travel disruptions due to weather conditions and to have contingency plans in place, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable holiday.

Exploring the local cuisine and cultural attractions can further enrich the winter holiday experience, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the closest airports to St. Anton for an alpine adventure?

There are three main airports near St. Anton that offer convenient options for travelers looking to explore the Alps. These include Innsbruck Airport, Friedrichshafen Airport, and Memmingen Airport.

How far is St. Anton from Innsbruck Airport?

St. Anton is approximately 100 kilometers from Innsbruck Airport, making it the closest airport to the town. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive from the airport to St. Anton.

Which airlines fly to Friedrichshafen Airport?

Friedrichshafen Airport is served by several major airlines, including Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, and Eurowings. These airlines offer both domestic and international flights to and from the airport.

Is there public transportation from Memmingen Airport to St. Anton?

Yes, there is a direct bus service from Memmingen Airport to St. Anton. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and tickets can be purchased at the airport or online in advance.

Can I rent a car at Innsbruck Airport?

Yes, there are several car rental companies located at Innsbruck Airport, including Avis, Budget, and Sixt. However, it is recommended to reserve a car in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

How long does it take to get from Friedrichshafen Airport to St. Anton?

The drive from Friedrichshafen Airport to St. Anton takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. Alternatively, there is also a train connection available with a travel time of about 4 hours.

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